A society to change the lifestyle

of every individual - based on





in which all humans are self-reliant.


Dzire 4 Life Research Training and Development Society,
was registered by a group of Academicians, doctors, engineers, social activists and intellectuals.
They all had a common view to impart a novel, peerless and meaningful Education, Health, Sanitation, Women Empowerment, Child Abuse and Environment System in India.
The objective of the society is to make the people self reliant, self sufficient and entrepreneurs to contribute into the development of vibrant India.


DZIRE GROUP is amongst the leading infrastructure and Reality Company of India representing a group of satellite companies. It was visualized and dreamt by its visionary founders with the objective of eco - friendly life for the Indian citizens living in class B and C cities and districts of the country in an attempt to bring them at par with the citizens of class A cities by providing state of the art reality and infrastructure facilities.
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To change the lifestyle of every individual in the society - based on legitimate rights, equity, fraternity, justice, honesty, social sensitivity and a culture of service in which all humans are self-reliant. Dzire 4 Life society focuses on health awareness of the society, empowering underprivileged in education and provide them safe & secure environment.


Dzire 4 life mission is to enable the economically and socially deprived, physically and mentally challenged people. Starting with children, as they are the future of the country – help them in educating, making them skilled and aware. This will enable them to be self-reliant and enjoy a healthy, dignified and sustainable quality of life, which in turn will brighten up the future of our country.


  • To cultivate, recognize, and respect the opinions and contributions of renowned people in the society
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment for learning where individuality is recognized and diversity is celebrated
  • To provide instructions that encourages development of each child's practical, cognitive, physical, social, and moral potential
  • The creation of an ideal man & woman
  • This society will aim at preparing youngsters for a responsible and disease free adult life and help them contribute positively to the welfare of society. This will be achieved by ways of providing them with a proper and good health education and practical skills
  • To encourage initiative, self-discipline, critical thinking and creative approaches to problem-solving
  • To foster the values of good citizenship through community service, civic awareness and development of leadership potential
  • To reach every corner of the society


  • Health and sanitation for all
  • To develop a safe and healthy environment
  • To provide education and vocational skills
  • To promote Women Empowerment and LGBT’s (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders)
  • To eradicate Child Labour and to promote juvenile justice
  • To help physically and mentally incapable
  • To provide safeguards to poverty stricken people
  • To provide relief during natural calamities
  • To generate awareness against Substance Abuse
  • To encourage Sports and other co-curricular activities amongst underprivileged




Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma is a visionary, prudent and a distinguished luminary in the world of education. He is a graduate from University Of Delhi, having a vast experience of 25 years in various private organizations. Currently, he heads the Society as its President/Chairman and is looking after the affairs of the Society. His vision has brought the objectives of the society to reality. Dzire 4 life’s aim is to provide safeguards to all the socially and economically deprived people in the society, be it anyone.



Mrs. Mamta Sharma, post graduate from Delhi University. She is the General Secretary of the Society. She is a known Social Activist with a vast experience of about 20 years in various educational fields. She belongs to a family of intellectuals and committed social activists in general, educational and health services. She is a staunch fighter for the social cause of the underprivileged. Her love for upliftment of education and health in the backward districts of the country is an inspirational force for setting the new social goals for the society throughout the country.



Mr. Trilochan Sharma is a 26 year old engineer and has been working for last five years in various social fields and taking challenges on a daily basis. He is a fighter for the social cause especially in the field of health and education; he has his own mission to create a healthy environment in every corner. He is always ready to take new challenges.


  • To open new centers in rural and semi-urban areas of national capital region (NCR) and other backward regions of the country to educate all the children, who are not able to attend schools due to poverty
  • To open more vocational training centres for village women to help them become self-supporting
  • To start more mobile charitable allopathic dispensaries to serve the unferprivileged in the areas deprived of medical facilities
  • To start short duration vocational courses for the students after class 10th and make them self-supportive


“I have no doubt in my mind that our chief national problems relating to eradication of poverty, illiteracy and disease and the scientific production and distribution can be tackled only along socialistic lines.”
- Subhash Chandra Bose
Dzire 4 life believes every person should take a step forward and contribute towards the society. Our aim is to cure this deadly disease called poverty.As we step into the globalised techno-dominated society in the 21st century, the schooling, health, sanitation and environment experiences needs to bere-vested on the basis of the fast changing present and an uncharted future.The society is starving hard for creating ‘Shining India’ in the mind of underprivileged children.


Come let us hold hands so that we create opportunities and provide an environment for children to learn the way they best can, help them become emotionally strong, acquire skills, develop a passion and penchant for excellence in any area of their choice.
For all monetary contributions, the preferred and recommended mode is through Demand Draft/Online Transfer/Cheques into Dzire 4 life bank account. Please read the guidelines before contributing.
All contributions are tax exempted under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.
Cheques and Demand drafts addressed to -
Dzire 4 Life Research Training And Development Society


1. Authorized persons of the society:

  • Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
  • Mamta Sharma
  • Trilochan Sharma

2. donation receipt:

  • Donation preferably made in cheque in favour of the Dzire 4 Life Research Training And Development Society, should be handed over only to the authorised representative of the society. The receipt is, however valid only after realization of cheques.
  • Donation made through cheques/ demand draft in favour of the society sent by post should mention his or her name, number and mailing address.
  • Donation made in cash shall be handed over only to the mentioned authorities.
  • The society won’t be responsible if the donor refuses to take the receipt of the donation from any authority in person.


Address: 652, MTNL Building,3rd Floor, Main Road Bijwasan, New Delhi - 110061
Mobile: +91 9910936447
Telephone: 011-28063855
Email: dzire4lifefoundation@gmail.com